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Deciding The Future Of Your Assets And Property Today

As a property owner, you might be concerned about the future, the assets you have worked for your entire life and your loved one’s welfare. As I see it, there is no right time to draft an estate plan and protect your property, finances and business from unexpected events.

My goal at The Oggero Law Firm in Houston is to help my clients find the right tools to make their last wishes known or leave instructions in case of future adverse events. Since every family and business is unique, my priority is to listen to my clients’ needs and create solutions accordingly. In addition, my experience as a real estate attorney brings a unique perspective when it comes to developing estate plans.

 Customized Solutions According To Your Wishes

Estate planning includes a series of legal documents that address specific needs according to your present and future needs. For example, individuals may create a living will to determine their wishes in terms of health care should they become incapacitated to express their wishes.

As my client, one of my goals is to thoroughly explain the benefits each document provides and under what circumstances each one is more convenient. For example:

  • A will may be more suitable if children are involved since it is the only legal tool available to name guardians for them and their property
  • A trust does not have to go through probate and is a private document but does not allow naming guardians to protect your children or any other family member
  • Through a power of attorney, individuals determine and limit the legal representation of your appointed agent. For example, you may want to name an agent to handle your bank accounts to a certain extent.

I understand that needs change overtime. Therefore, I will help you update your estate planning accordingly.

Consult Your Options With a Knowledgeable Lawyer

Let’s start developing a plan to establish your wishes and protect your assets. Schedule a consultation at 713-364-0004 or send me an email. I commit to helping my Texan clients fulfill their wishes and give their loved ones peace of mind.