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The Legal Assistance You Deserve In Real Estate Matters

A real estate transaction is complex and requires experienced and reliable legal guidance throughout each process stage. Whether it is a family residence or property acquisition for commercial purposes, I am ready to help you protect your interests at The Oggero Law Firm.

Real estate involves major investments and sensitive interests from the parties involved. My job is to assist my Texan clients through a real estate transaction to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible. In order to contribute to transparency and efficiency, I collaborate with Odyssey Title, a company that seeks to expedite and enhance all aspects related to title services.

Addressing Commercial Real Estate Needs

At The Oggero Law Firm in Houston, I have assisted businesses in various transactions involving the commercial use of real estate for more than a decade. From leasing commercial spaces to property buying/selling for residential projects, my purpose is to help my clients achieve their business goals and protect their interests.

Helping Families And Individuals Complete Real Estate Transactions

A real estate operation can be one of the most significant milestones for a family or an individual. Whether it is a house or a vacation house, I am ready to assist you in fulfilling your goals in real estate investment. From negotiating a contract to the closure of the transaction, I will see through the entire process to ensure your interests are protected at all times.

As a lawyer, I cover various areas of the law including business law and litigation, which provides me with a comprehensive view of a client’s needs. I want your business to succeed and help you ensure you are making a good business buying property for your family or yourself.

Experienced And Reliable Legal Advice At Affordable Prices

Call my office at 713-364-0004 or contact me online to thoroughly discuss your legal needs and address your concerns. Protect your interests today.